001. This week has been a goodun'. For a change I achieved alot of things I wanted to uni wise and work wise. As well as did some socialising with IRL friends! Score. Probably because I haven't been blogging much. I feel so behind with peoples blogs. Really need to get reading posts!

002. For someone whos *ahem* into fashion and *ahem* a totes classy girl I really like uber tacky things. Think ala Jordan and The only was is Essex. I love bright pink fake nails (especially small perfectly square ones!) and massive fake eyelashes and I'm totally obsessed with blingy things. I bought this semi ridiculous blinged up iphone cover. After some googling I now want one of these AMAZING covers. I was directed on twitter to these Les Tai Tai ones as well as their DIY kits. NEED.

003. Im in love with my new Mac, My coat that is. Not the makeup or the computery place. I wanted to have a new spring/summer jacket and after seeing Carrie wearing a similar one. See I get inspired by bloggers too! I dont know if they still have that one she has, But  this New Look one was the one I went for! I've worn it practically every day since I bought it, despite the epic winds were having in the UK at the moment. Its just the right fit and style I like, and super flattering.

004. Got paid Monday, ALOT more than I thought I'd be getting so I figured instead of waste the money on 10 dresses from Primark Id buy something expensive and pretty. I'm tossing between a YSL arty ring (probably a Blue one) or Vivienne Westwood shoes (but I'll wait for a 20% code!) I came to the conclusion that I'm a adult and I should be able to buy an expensive treat for myself and not regret it. Although the idea of parting with that cash makes me die inside!

005. Follow: Charlene, Betty, Simone and a really cool concept: Everybody Everywhere