top: forever 21 (dress worn as top)
skirt: H&M
belt: primark
cardigan: topshop petite

Today my day has consisted of doing my dissertation, watching the latest episode of Glee and re-watching my favourite Wrestlemania. Which just incase you were wondering is Wrestlemania 17.  Im getting on really well with my dissertation, I'm almost at 6,500 words which I think is pretty darn good seeing as I have a really bad attention span. Plus it doesn't help that I've done it on Social Media which kinda means I have to use Youtube/Facebook/Twitter. Im just about to clean my bedroom from top to bottom. I just cant seem to keep on top of keeping it tidy at the moment.

I loooOOOOooove this skirt. Despite the fact its a XS and its insanely big on me! I had to fold the waistband in as well as belt it extra tight! H&M dodgy sizing strikes again! I think it was around £8 so it's all good! I think I'm starting to like H&M again after it being a bit blah for a while! I love their colour palletes and their basics. Also loving all their items with elbow patches! The tunic was one of my first Forever 21 purchases when their Birmingham store opened. However I'm still in two minds if I like Forever 21, I probably need another visit soon to judge again! My nails are also actually still neon pink despite how its photographed here! Oh and a Big thank you to Love Hearts and Crosses for sending me a lovely little jewellery package last week!

Anyway I hope everyones OK!And for any Strokes Fanz out there, Check out the 30 second sample of their new song. I will totally be fangirling to the maxxx as soon as their album is out!