top: H&M
skirt: H&M
headband: little fille
bag: primark
shoes: primark

I actually wore this on Sunday, and snapped this ready for later in the week! Not the best photos I've ever taken, but better than nothing! I wore some mint green/black/brown combination today which no matter how hard I tried simply wouldn't photograph how I wanted it! Was sent this lovely headband from Little Fille what seems like forever-ago now, But only just got round to wearing it! So lovely and Im kinda wishing I got a different colour now because the black blends so much with my hair! Also Im in love with my new bag from Primarni. I think it was £7 but totes doesnt look it. It has a strap but I like holding it like a breifcase. It makes me feel like a teacher!

I've been asked alot about shoes lately, so heres a sly and unintentional shot. I wear the same pair of black flats or black boots every single day. I never really consider shoes when thinking about a outfit, Im totally not a shoe person, I just shove on my boots or flats and walk out the door. This is the main reason I don't show them on here, so I hope people understand!

Please vote for me to be in Company magazine! It would mean so much to me if you did! Its for a little modeling thing with River Island for Company magazine, taking "real girls" of the street and putting them as the models. I may not be the skinniest or the tallest, and Im pretty sure I'd be an awkward mess trying to pose in-front of someone that's not a tripod, But I think I'd secretly love to be dolled up and photographed all profesh!