top: H&M
skirt: zara
cardigan: forever 21
belt: primark

Not 100% sure about this now I've actually worn this. I like all the colours together but I can see how people might not like it. Maybe its the stripes thats throwing it off for me! Either way, its comfortable and easy to wear. I'm really opting for comfort dressing at the moment! I've also gone back to my old default clipped back hairstyle.

I spent the day in bed doing university work. I don't feel 100% at the moment. I think I'm either getting ill, Really hoping its not laryngitis though! I finished a information graphic I'd been working on earlier, and Im going to do another on Twitter and Youtube.

Sorry for a short and very blah post. This is probably going to be the only one this week as well as Im busy and working at New Look loads. Im out on Friday night for the first time in what feels like forever. I've got a cool dress from H&M but it makes my boobs look utterly ridiculous. I need a boob job. Badly. Ill try and take a photo at some point though!