001. Its been a odd week. Ive got alot done but feel like I've achieved very little! Im still working hard on university stuff at every spare moment I get. I feel like nothing I do is ever finished!

002. Alot of people have been commenting on my eyebrows this week. I've taken them a little thinner and flatter at the front. My eyebrow lady said that it would open my eyes up a bit more. I was really into natural thick brows for ages, but I think I'm ready to move onto a little more refined. I really like the way they look at the moment though! I fill them in with a NYX eyebrow pencil in medium brown or MAC Espresso eyeshadow. Im big on eyebrows, I really think they frame your face well. I'm glad I've looked after mine!

003. I want to make clear that I DO read all comments, emails, tweets or whatever. I may not reply to all of them, but I promise you I read them all. I always wonder why people think I wouldn't read them. It takes a minute if that to read a comment, and to be honest I just love reading them! I have a iPhone and a Blackberry which I use all the time, I try to read them as they come in, If not I do make sure I read them all! I've always said, If blogger sorted their comment system out so they had a direct response button to people that alerts them if someones responded to their comment Id honestly reply! For now the best way to ask me a question is via Twitter.

004. Sofia wrote an amazing post the other day about the Ugly Side of Blogging. I think its a must read for anyone whos a blogger, or interested in starting a blog. The points are harsh, but its the unfortunate reality behind blogging. As someone who does speak their mind on their blog, its refreshing to see more girls be upfront about the negatives of blogging. Its not all sweetness and niceness, sometimes its downright annoying and frustrating.

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