001. Went shopping with my Mum today, We always tend to go on a Sunday morning because its not as busy. I didn't really buy much, Only some denim shorts from Topshop, a ton of rings from BHS all reduced to £2 each, some nail foils, tights a skirt from Primark and a tanning mitt. The joys! There wasnt much I really wanted, Im really not loving shopping at the moment. Nothings catching my eye, All I saw was the inevitable nautical/50's look that the shops ALWAYS do for S/S. I'm very much a winter girl, so the idea of getting my legs out and not wearing a cardigan disturbs me!

002. I slept for a whopping 10 and a half hours last night. Im a terrible sleeper, I hardly ever go to bed before 1am, and I have to be up at half 7 most days. Obviously it was taking it toll on me and I went to bed at half 9! I couldnt believe it when I woke up this morning! I still highly reccomend Sleep Cycle if you a iPhone user and a bad sleeper! It really does wakes you up at the right time in the morning so your not a groggy mess!

003. I really want a nice pair of classic black or burgundy loafers. I have my eye on this Topshop pair, this River Island pair and this Office pair. Not that you will ever see them in a outfit post ;) no shoes for u!

004. I'm tempted to go see the Black Swan next week. Although I know its not the type of film I like. Im a total chick flick / American high school / lovey dovey film type of girl. I cant deal with anything to complex or harrowing. I've been reading alot of peoples thoughts on Twitter about it so I thought I'd go see it for myself!

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