i hate doing photobooth photos, my pose is always the same!
001. Been a strange old week really, I've not really done, seen or bought anything of note. Apart from this awesome hat I got in the New Look sale, and obviously being in The Times was a bit special, but I've told you about that! I went to university, did some work, FINALLY managed to reduce my hours at work. So I'm only doing 16 hours. Even though that is only 4 less than my old contracted hours, its just so much more flexible for me!Next week I want to go see The Green Hornet. I have such a crush on Seth Rogan, is it acceptable to fancy him now hes not as fat?

002. For everyone who's been asking my new brothers finally got a name and hes called Ben! Hes so sweet and small! His face is like a grumpy old man, but hes lovely!

003. I became obsessed with Jersey Shore this week, I think I've watched all the episodes so far, and Im in love. I think I just love trashy TV, and the fact that its "real" makes it even funnier.I literally cannot wait to watch My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding on Tuesday!  It was one of my favourite TV shows from last year and has been made into a series! I love looking at wedding blogs and photos, but these sorts of weddings are 100000 times more OTT than I would go for, but I just love it.

004. Before I do Five to Follow, I just wanted to say Please don't email me asking me to put you in Five to Follow. I tend to choose blogs based on if I like them or think they have potential rather than people who ask. It turns me off completely being asked to post about you, I think its really rude, If that statement upsets you, then soz, its the truth. Its not being "up myself" or "not promoting small blogs" I just think as someone who has "got the power" in blogging to help people, I should provide my readers with blogs I think they would like, not just blogs I'm asked to include. Plus I really like to endorse blogs who deserve to be here and get more followers, the ones that work hard, are interesting and have good content and are actually worth linking to.

005. Five to Follow: Gemma, Isabella, Becca, Laura & Constance
wow this was a boring Sunday portrait! I really have very little to say at the moment unfortunately!