my lashes look utterly ridiculous, never wearing girls aloud sarahs again!
001. Another day, another dissertation session. My first draft has to be handed in tomorrow, It has to be at least 2000 words (whole thing is 8000, but its just to check your writing style!) and although I've done over that I'm just trying to get as much done as possible before then! My essays on social media and web 2.0's effect on branding and advertising. Working within social media is the sort of career path I want to go down in the future, I don't actually want to work in graphics, which is what I do at university or fashion.

002. This week I've become obsessed with this song, I've probably watched it about 100 times since I discovered it! I love Auto Tune the News, specifically Bed Intruder & Backin' Up. I have such a mad crush on Michael Gregory though. Something about nerdy guys that I just LOVE!

003. My new baby brother was born on 3rd January, He weighed 7lbs 10oz and still doesnt have a name! Hes absolutely adorable, So small and warm! I get so broody when it comes to babies. Not that I could cope with having one I just love them so much!

004. ~*blogging tipz of the week~*. I always think you should be as original as possible. Not saying I'm 100% unique, but I try consciously post things that I know no else has posted about. Yes I did the Primark S/S 2010 collection (like everyone and their mum!), but my posts like that come along once in a blue moon! My biggest gripe is when people say "I've seen this all over the blogasphere... but Ill post it anyway". Whats the point, it offers nothing new to your reader, and if they could find the same thing elsewhere what makes them want to read yours? The original and unique blogs (ie. the popular ones) are the one that give you new information, share things with you and interact with you (I've been doing too much social media research!) What it comes down to is just post things that haven't been done before, or at least ones you've not seen before, and if you have seen it before, Try and put your own spin on it. I think thats the beauty of fashion blogs, is that when it comes to personal style its not something that can be replicated, But this theory can be applied to other types of blogs, even beauty ones. Beauty reviews are notoriously samey, But theres always a way to make them unique to you, you just have to figure it out how.

005. Five to Follow: Bekah, Monica, Coury, Emma & Melanie