top: primark
cardigan: yayer
skirt: new look
belt: primark
necklace: zara taylor
rings: BHS
watch: swatch

Wassup homies*~ Big love to Yayer for sending me this lush cardigan! Its a lovely colour and such a lovely casual comfy fit. Id describe the colour as tobacco. I'm loving all the colour buzz words floating around at the moment. Mustard, Peacock, Azure, Rust, Chartreuse, Papaya & Cocoa! Added another black body con skirt to the collection and bought a New Look one! I wear them all the time (as if you haven't noticed!) and have 2 H&M ones so I thought I might as well get another just incase! I cant remember if I've talked about my watch, but its a simple Swatch Original. I dont like fancy smancy massive chunky gold/silver watches (I think they are uber tacky! sozz!) so my Mum got me this one for Christmas. I like it but the ticking drives me mad!

You'd probs never guess the extremely awful lighting I had to take these photos in. God bless a sort of knowledge of a flashgun and some savvy editing thanks to shooting in RAW. My step brothers here and hes invaded my normal photo taking place hence why I've not done so many outfits recently. Who knows when hes going but I literally cannot wait. I WANT MY PHOTO ROOM BACK DAMMIT. Surprisingly my hair is actually the colour it is IRL! Anyway, Im back off to do some more university work. Determined to finish laying out this Colour Theory book by the end of the day so I can start thinking about how to make it! Typefaces are killing my brain at the moment!