ring: shop llymlrs 
cardigan: yayer

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to start my own little online shop! I always find it hard to find reasonably priced and stylish rings on the highstreet. So after a little conversation with Victoria I decided I was going to give this jewellery selling a go again. I used to have a myspace jewellery business when I was 16, Selling those hideous oversized plastic diamonds, knuckle dusters and ribcage necklaces! The shop doesnt have a name, I'm rubbish with naming things so its just Shop LLYMLRS for the moment. But I will get my thinking cap on and try and think of a proper "brand" name! The basic plan at the moment is to just stock rings (because they are my favourite type of jewellery!) and keep it as resonably priced and on trend! and by on trend I pretty much mean "stuff that I like"!

These cross rings are smaller than the infamous Asos/Forever 21 ones! But they are size adjustable so those with smaller/bigger fingers can adjust accordingly. They cost £6 and then P&P depending where you live in the world! I ship worldwide! Also I'm still sourcing new items for the shop, so if you have any ideas about the types of rings you like leave it in the comments and I'll see what I can do. I've got these lush oversized turquoise stone rings on the way which I cant wait to show you!

EDIT: All the rings sold out within the first 24 hours. Im so overwhelmed with the response and Im really sorry if you've missed out. Im leaving the item up in the shop for PRE ORDER. Which basically means when the items come into stock I will ship them. It should take 7-10 days for a restock though. I will try and keep stock levels regular, but like I said, I didnt expect so much so quickly!

PS.  DISCLAIMER: I wont be bombarding you with posts about my own jewellery. I am happy and proud of what I'm doing but I'm not gonna shove a brand down your throat, even if it is my own label!