shorts: topshop
top: topshop
cardigan: yayer
tights: primark
rings: market stall
belt: primark (although I took it off after these photos as I dont like it that much!)

Four outfit posts in a week, It must be a record! Arent I just the best blogger ever ;)

Originally I was going to do a "Keep or Return" type post for these shorts but I've since decided I'll keep them. I have quite curvy thighs (Not saying I'm big, I'm just pear shaped! Its a fact!) so I tend to steer clear of shorts and trousers. I bought these Topshop bad boys in the hope I'd look something like Rumi Neely, but alas I do not. Once I got over the shock of showing off so much leg (and bumcheeks!) I think I do like them. I really love the idea of tucked in shirts and high waisted light denim shorts and some nice booties. I think they would look fab with that shirt from yesterday too!

To be fair I think these kind of shorts are all about proportions for someone with a body like mine. I think the slouchy cardigan makes me feel more covered up than I am, and is a bit more forgiving on my curves. Also because I wore thick black tights and some flat pumps it made my legs look longer thus not making me look short. ~*Get me being fashiony.*~ Obviously they are alot of risque than the items I'd normally wear, and I'll have to consider how I wear them more than other things I wear but I think I just found a new wardrobe staple!

Alot of people find it weird that I dont wear trousers. Personally I have no idea why people think its weird. I think more and more girls nowadays exclusively wear skirts and dresses without even thinking about it. I don't even remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans or trousers. Like I said, Im quite curvy as well as quite short. It makes it hard to find a pair of trousers that fit me. They are always too long in the leg or too big in the waist. And if I'm being totally honest I just dont like them! So just so everyone knows this blog is a trouser free zone!