001. Aaah So much for not blogging over these few days. I cant get away! I mainly just dont want to miss out on a Sunday Portrait, They are like LLYMLRS tradition! Like I said in the video post yesterday, I hope you all had a great day. Mine was awesome. Had the family over today for Boxing Day lunch, I could hardly eat anything though as I was still full from Christmas Day!

002. Doing a big clear out of my bedroom today/tomorrow. I'll hopefully shoot a ton of clothes/jewellery/makeup that can go up on my blogsale blog within the week. I've decided that definitely need to refine my wardrobe. Not in a Gok Wan capsule wardrobe way, I just want more things that make sense, and less OMG THATS PRETTY ME WANT! In the new year I hope my approach to clothing will be alot more sensible, rather than impulse buying 3423 cardigans! Although you cant go wrong with that many cardigans!

003. Going shopping in the sales tomorrow. Id like to go to Birmingham, but my Mum wants to go to Telford. My iPhone 4 still hasn't come, so I really need to get to the Apple store before I go crazy.  Just read about a story about someone being stabbed inside the Bullring! Thats actually crazy, as soon as my Mum watches the news theres no chance we'd be going there! Although if we do go I REALLY hope I find this jumper. I literally want it so badly I'd cut my right arm off!

004. I hope you've noticed that there is a new little "reactions" button on the bottom of my blog. I put this there because alot of people commented saying that they often didn't know what to say in a comment. So if you like a post, please just click like. Feel free to add a comment if you wish to add something constructive or give an articulated comment, But don't feel like you have to comment for the sake of commenting. A little click of a the like button is just as appreciated! If you wanted to get one on your blog, go to dashboard ->design -> page elements -> blog posts -> then its under reactions, just type "like" into the box. If you don't understand, remember my mantra, google is your friend or just click that link!

005. Five to Follow (as per tweet request for URL's!) Rachel, Shannon, Lucy, Ismay & Rosalyn

PS. I know that Sunday Portrait has no numbers, I still havent gotten round to doing the numbers for my font, But its number 56!