001. SNOW. That's pretty much all everyone from the UK has talked about this week! Snow brings the UK to relative stand still, You think we'd be better prepared as we tend to get it every year though! I did get alot of university work done this week though which was a relief. I'm really starting to fall behind because I've always got different things to get on with, I'm totally gonna be working non stop over the Christmas period though!

002. As you can see from this Twitpic I won a 2 cases of Vitamin Water this week. So happy as I LOVE it so much! My favourite vitamin water is the "yellow one" (spark) and "the orange one" (essential), So was nice to try two I hadn't tried pink & purple! Very nice! Vitamin water is actually one of the only calorie laden drinks I'll have. I refuse to have any drink with more than 50 calories in, Whats the point in drinking your calories away, I'm looking at you regular coke! So good, yet so wrong!

003. I NEED A NEW TV SHOW TO WATCH! Seeing as Glee and Gossip Girl are just about to take their mid season breaks so I'm in dire need of something new to watch online! I spent the other week watching all of the True Blood series, so that is out of the question! I like most types of TV, especially trashy American shows! Any good series worth checking out at the moment?

004. Just wanna say this guys, Don't take things I say too seriously. I'm a joker, half the things I say are sarcastic or just sound stupid! Life is to short to care or get upset/offended by something someone you dont know says on the internet! I hate that I have to address this too, personally I find it SO petty, but I've had far too many comments/emails this week dwelling on a joking, not intended to mean any harm or upset, passing comment related to uggs. And remember just because I don't like something, doesn't mean you cant! I'm not here to tell you how to dress!

005. Five to Follow: Selina, Becky-May, Marianna, Alyse & Shalane.