top: new look
skirt: H&M
cardigan: via my brother via primark
necklace: clubcouture
ring: vipxo
mug: woolworths (R.I.P)

This shirt is so crumpled from being slung in the bottom of my wardrobe in a bag, Yet we don't actually have a iron in out household (SHOCK HORROR! Its actually just broke, and my mum is a lazy ironer!) so I had to suffer and have a crumpled shirt today! A little nod to goth with a pretty much all black/white outfit. Last year I used to only wear black and white, this year however I've branched out into a lot more colours! I love the rounded 60's vintage feel to the collar, its sleeveless which is annoying, I dont really like to have my arms out! But for a white shirt its surprisingly not that see through. Im sick of clothes on the highstreet being see through, IM LOOKING AT YOU TOPSHOP! I really couldn't find a cardigan to go over it that really worked for me, I tried at least 6 as well as a coat before deciding to pinch this one out of my brothers room! Its not right, but it was the best I could do!

Its refreshing to see New Look changing the style of their clothes, I know I work there so maybe I'm biased, But I really like the things they are coming out with at the moment. They really are following the key trends rather than keeping with the style their clothes are normally like. I love New Look partywear and their coats, But I always felt they lacked in the "on trend" and current key items, but they have excelled themselves with peg leg trousers, peter pan necklines and pussybow blouses! River Island is guilty of that too, I used to HATE River Island with a passion until this year when I realized not everything is made out of crappy material and covered in rhinestones. My local one burnt down in a fire, and I'm left lusting after their items online! Asos is another actually, I always found Asos hard to navigate and look through, but they A/W styling has been spot on, just perfect not only for inspiration on how to wear things but they have really exelled themselves with the way their shop is presented. One of the few brands that tell you the models height/size for reference as well as the measurements! I really wish more brands did this! Any clothing brands plesantly suprising you at the moment?

I've been feeling a tad christmassy hence the Santa Claus mug! I still haven't seen the CocaCola advert, so to be fair, its not Christmas till I've see that! I looked a tad moody in the top photos so I felt I had to add a little lightheartedness! Sometimes its hard to get my face to match my body and I just look fug and the clothes look good and vise versa, out of 200 snaps those two were the best of the bunch! So obviously it wasn't a good photo session, I had thought about blurring my face out, but nah! Spending tonight doing my dissertation, I have a word count of 500 today to keep on my very-well-written-but-not-always-executed dissertation schedule, Hopefully I can get that done quickly and easily so I can watch Gossip Girl!