dress: shop at tw
blazer: topshop
leggings: american apparel 
necklace: zara taylor

I adore this dress, and I'm not just saying that because it was free FYI! Shop At TW contacted me asking if I'd like to try somethings from their range, I've always been intrested in the sort of japanese/korean/taiwanese style clothing, but never really ordered because Im always worried about the sizing! I couldnt believe my luck when this dress came, Its perfect! It fits me exactly how I like a dress to fit, nipped at the waist! It has a "vintage" feel to it too, which I adore! I'm not one for vintage shopping, so its nice to have something that looks it without the effort! Its not on the Shop at TW webstore, but I am going to email them and let them know, You could probably ask them on Facebook if you do want the dress as that's where I saw the photo for this dress and requested it from there! I think you can just order via their Facebook anyway! I just thew over my classic Topshop blazer which I've had for at least 4 years now, It was actually one of the first things I'd ever bought from Topshop!

In regards to yesterdays TV post, I watch Misfits and Desperate Housewives already, but there's been lots of comments regarding The Walking Dead, Greek, Hellcats, Pretty Little Liars and Modern Family. I shall be watching the first couple of episodes just to get a feel for them! Some of the other shows I've watched but not really gotten into! I simply must get back into Dexter, I watched series 1-3 religiously but I stopped for no reason at all. One of my "weird" interests is serial killers/murderers, Its just something about their backstory and their lifestyles that fascinate me. Especially the ones that have relatively normal upbringings and turn out to have the most twisted and disturbing crimes. If I hadn't had gone to Art school I probably would have ended up doing Criminology at University!

I actually wore this yesterday, it was supposed to be Wednesday or Thursdays post, as Im out of the house both of those days. So I had planned on showing what I'm actually wearing today (oversized check primark shirt, necktie, primark mens cardigan, H&M highwaisted shorts!) but when I got home I got reading and subsequently ranting on a post that Gem did about blogging. Take what I say in the comments how you wish, its my 100% honest thoughts on a few taboo subjects in blogging. Its a bit tl;dr, spelling mistake, grammar fail but its alot of things I wanted to get off my chest. If you think I'm ungrateful or a moaner, then c'est la vie! If you do read it and understand, then your probably the ones that don't do the things that peeve me. If you do read my blog, rather than just looking at the photos, then it means a HELL of a lot to me. Your the readers that mean the most to me, and the ones blogs who I check out and read!

PS. Sorry there is no video, The one I did take was too dark when I uploaded it! Will do one of this outfit soon so you can see it in 3D!