skirt: H&M
shirt: H&M
coat: new look
necktie: ribbon from a haberdashery 

I have to admit this isnt my normal style, I DIDNT like buttoned up shirts, as I THOUGHT they didnt really suit me. I proved myself wrong and on a whim tried this shirt on and instantly knew it was to be! I think it was misprinted in H&M as I paid £7.99, even though it said 12.99 on the label. I've opened myself up to a whole new world of shirts! I like it both tucked in and untucked, I'll probably be wearing it both ways to be honest! I'm totally in love with the little bow I made for it too, I cant remember exactly who's blog I saw wearing a little necktie that they'd made themselves simply using some ribbon! It kinda reminds me of those neckties cowboys wear! Love it!

Glad you all liked my November favorites this month! When I was making it, It really inspired me to actually get some of items I've wanted/been thinking about getting recently. Number one on that list is definately a leopard print faux fur coat. The New Look one that I've been looking longingly at in my store for weeks now has just been reduced by a tenner, So I may just have to get it! I tried the 10 on and I think I'd need a 12 to accommodate extra winter layers, The 12's sold out online but the sale is in store too!

I worked late night last night, which seems to have done me the world of good, I managed to sleep last night without taking sleep aids! I also woke up without feeling tired for the first time in ages! Lets hope my sleeping pattern will be returning to normal! Been writing and researching for my dissertation today, and will probably keep doing it for the rest of the night, I seem to be on a roll! I did take a small break to watch this week's Glee and Im hoping to watch Gossip Girl later too! I did plan to take todays photos outside (SHOCK HORRORZ), but it hasn't stopped snowing, and I cant bring myself to take my camera (Canon 1000d) outside for it to get wet!