dress: yayer
Don't really have a proper post to show you so hey, here's some photos of me. I know... POSER ALERTTT.  I got a new flashgun for my camera so I was playing with that earlier!  I was supposed to do a outfit post today, but I ended up going to lunch with my Aunt and Cousin and then went to see my Dad. So by the time I got home it was too dark to take photos proper photos. Although thanks to my new flashgun it may help my indoor late night photography... maybe. It was seriously so dark this evening, although I think it supposed to be the shortest day of the year?

I often get comments that are simply just "nice photos" or "liked the images". I often ponder the importance of the written word is in blogging. I like to write text to go with my posts not just post photos,  Although I am by no means a writer. I left school over 5 years ago now to focus on art and design, and despite getting a A and a A* in English at GCSE, my grammar, spelling, punctuation and stuff are awful. I write how I talk and how things flow out of my mouth rather than trying to write formally and "correctly" in a style that doesnt suit me. I know most of the time my posts are a bit TL;DR! They do have a bit of a formula normally, a bit about the clothes, a bit about my day. Not only so you can know what I did, It helps me remember what I've done and when. One day when I'm old and grey I can look back and remember all the daily goings on in my life.
To me, photos are very important in what I believe makes a good blog. But it is only a component in successful blogging. I love reading about other peoples thoughts and feelings. Diary style posts are my favorites, Blogging is voyeuristic by nature, You want to know about the person behind the blog and who they are. Its not just looking at what someone wears or the eye makeup they use. I want to know what they did, where they wore something, how they felt about it. I think the way someone writes says alot more about a person that a photograph. Milly's blog for example is an actual JOY to read!

Things like Tumblr, which personally I think is purely just a website for photo dumps, not necessarily a legit blogging platform, have really made me question how important I feel writing is on a blog. Its all well and good posting 10000 reblogged photographs, but what does it really say about you as a person? Maybe I just dont get it because I dont really find images "inspirational". Like I touched on earlier, I think alot of people follow the person behind the blog, not the blog itself. Personality is a major thing when it comes to successful blogging. Words say so much more than about you photo ever could. But never worry if you cant write "properly". Its a blog not a column for a magazine. Just write, say anything, It doesn't matter if its professional or not.

So just to add a disclaimer, I'm not complaining and this is by no means an attack on anyone. Just touching on some thoughts really. Its not really a very comprehensive or well constructed out post. I just typed as I thought.

PS. I know my eyebrows look weird, I didn't fill them in today, the right one is the one that's been growing back no thanks to a bad eyebrow threading experience! I wasn't wearing much makeup, only liner and a contour so I didn't bother with it!

and PPS. To clarify, I dont HATE people saying nice pics or whatever, It was just the starting point that got me thinking about this! I too fall victim to the nice photos comment occasionally! I do appreciate those comments just as much as the others!