skirt: topshop
necklace: H&M
nails: barry m colbat blue (in video)

Hm, Serious buyers remorse over this skirt. I like it, but dont love it. I really wanted a different coloured skirt and I kinda got caught up in late night shopping after work last week and just bought it. I love so much about it, the colour (more brown/rusty than orange IRL) and the paper bag waist. But maybe its not for me. Oh well, I can still wear something over it like this, kinda tones it down a tad! I really want this skirt from Topshop at the moment too, But they didn't have my size on said night of spending. Oh well! In other skirt related things, I want all the skirts in the TRF range at Zara, mostly this one and this one in beige. This tops lovely too, The shapes pretty unique and the colour is better than I'd imagined! It was a tad odd ordering off a website like this, But it paid off, I do have some nice things, not all of it is really what I wanted, But I have got some gems!

Had a epic Poptart craving this morning, like literally as soon as I woke up. I ventured out makeupless, greasy haired and topknotted, if I owned sweatpants I'd have worn them too. I went to Tescos and came back with some garlic and herb doughballs, a packet of white chocolate fingers (not as nice as the regular ones!) and some Poptarts. My diet is really appalling at the moment. I literally eat crap all the time, not that I've gained weight or anything, Im so sick of eating junk! I love food, it doesnt help that my family are big foodies, so we are always surrounded by goodies! Because Im out the house so much I tend to just grab things on the go, I dont even want to imagine how many calories are in a Greggs sausage roll! I was hoping to start healthy eating next year, but knowing me it will never happen!