top: H&M
skirt: zara
cardigan: asos
belt: primark
ring:  primark
watch: swatch

My blogs hit over 5,000 followers on Blogger, I dont normally like to note these things anymore. Mainly because I wonder if people think that its bragging when you have loads of followers. But I want to say a big huge whopping thank you to everyone. I'm going to get a bit sappy and say I'm so grateful that you choose to follow my blog. It's grown beyond my wildest dreams this year. I never expected to have so many followers, I didn't set out thinking RIGHT I NEED TO BE POPULARZ ON DA INTERWEBZ. Because I don't care about the popularity or the notoriety, I just wanted to share my experiences and talk with girls who like the same things. Most of my friends are boys, so it was refreshing to really talk to people who have the same interests!

I often wonder if people look at my follower count and feel daunted by it. Like you cant talk to me, or you should talk to me in a certain way. Id honestly rather people thought of me as their friend, not their OMGZURRRMYIDOLZ.  I do reply to most tweets I get, Sometimes I find it hard replying, because I never know what to say when people talk to me like I'm some celebrity. I know other bloggers like to think of themselves as something. But honestly, behind the screen I'm a no-one. Im not popular, intresting or funny. Im just a average girl who lives in a small town, goes to uni, works in a shop and just goes about her daily life! I do find it very overwhelming at times and of course its flattering that people are interested in my life and what I have to say. But I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not. I know I complain alot, and whinge about stupid things. Sometimes petty things about blogging wind me up. But you know, I am so thankful that I'm in this position, and to be honest, without you guys I wouldnt have had half the opportunities that I get. So thank you so much!

I've changed my outfit of the day video format. Personally, I feel it reflects me, the quality and blogs aesthetic 100 times more than the old way. If you don't like it, pah tough! ;) I will still be doing talky videos, But all outfit photos are now going to be filmed on my Canon 1000d (using EOS Recorder, doesn't record sound, google it) and then all others on my video camera.