dress: new look
coat: new look
scarf: primark

I took these photos literally about 15 mins before I left the house this morning so excuse my crappy posing! But yes as you can see from the title I HAVE A WINTER COAT. Infact this is part one, I will post the second of my winter coats on a different day this week! I always find getting a winter coat to be a challenge, I normally have an idea of a shape or a style of coat that I want, but cant never find the right one.

This particular camel one is something I've had my eye on for a while now, Ive actually tried it on a fair few times and thought "No... its not QUITE right..." but I tried it on again last Friday and thought "MEH, Its pretty much what I want..." My only real issue is the fact it doesnt have real pockets, I tend to keep my phone in my coat pocket rather than in my bag, So its quite annoying not having anywhere to put it! Despite this, I really love the peacoat double breasted shape, and the beautiful camel colour. It feels really timeless and classic, Exactly what Id like from a coat. Its also made out of quite thick and warm fabric, Although it does feel a tad chunky, I think it has the right balance and doesn't drown me or make me look to big. It was £40 from New Look, Which for a coat I think is quite reasonable!