sunday portrait week 52

i changed it, sue me!

001. HOW COLD IS IT RIGHT NOW! I heard it was like -14C here last night, Although I suspect my Dad made that up. This time last year I was sitting on a beach in New Zealand, gah. It feels like a million years ago now, but I forgot how cold it gets here sometimes. We still dont have snow where I live (West Midlands), Its supposed to hit by the middle of the week though, which means layerslayerslayers! Im so thankful for my winter coats at the moment! Its gonna be a struggle to do anything if it does snow and I cant drive anywhere!

002. My Christmas shopping is well underway, I actually get my last pay check on Tuesday, which has to last me till New Years eve as for some reason I don't get paid before Christmas. I'm trying to do it online. Last year I made my family mustache mugs which were so awesome, seeing I was in New Zealand right up till 20th December, I didnt really have much time properly shop for anything! So cheap and looked really cool. Id recommend giving them a try for a simple and easy (cheap too!) present!

003. Supposed to be working a bit on my dissertation, But I've been so distracted by everything today. Seeing my baby brother, cleaning my bedroom and getting lost on wikipedia. I wish I didn't procrastinate as much as I do. I find it so hard to settle down and focus on things as I always feel there is something else that needs to be done or is more important. I set myself a count of 500 words for my dissertation today and so far I've done 0, and Xfactor is on as I type. No way is that happening!

004. If you want to contact me or ask a question, If its possible I'd rather you tweeted me rather than directly emailling. The likely hood of me replying to emails is about 0 at the moment. Ive got so much to do and so much on my mind, I really struggle to reply to emails. So if you want to know the answer to a questions quickly just tweet me @llymlrs and I should reply asap, rather than having your email unopened in my inbox!

005. Three to Follow: Morven, Kristabel & Sammi


  1. Lovely photo, as per usual. We've had a bit of snow here, but it just make's everything so awkward. I can see myself falling over on the way to uni x

  2. I don't know what you're talking about, you look great as always! I know what you mean about getting distracted though, I am SO behind on my course it's unreal! Although my tutor said I'm not actually that behind at all it feels like I have a mountain of work to do! I have a 2500 essay to finish in two weeks and I've done something like 479 words so far :(

    PS. I got my Cut A Caper in the post yesterday as well as Pink Friday and my Gaga one, soooo nice! Although PF is definitely very purpley/bluey! Makes my eyes look a bit mental really!

  3. Both pictures were lovely!
    It's snowing like crazy here, I fell over and now can barely walk haha.
    You can see some snowy pictures on my blog if you want to take a look, gotta love the ol' scottish weather!

  4. i got chilly reading your post! it's def not that cold here in SC.

    love the pic!

  5. lol - the first picture was pretty! This one is too

  6. We had a light dusting of snow yesterday and this morning in Brum, enough t make snowballs :) Good Luck with your dissertation! Thanks for the mug link, so clever xx

  7. -7 here last night, colder tonight! I'm actually snowed in now, which is never good considering I have exams this week.
    Talking of procrastination, that's what I'm currently up to. I really should be studying, but I've been too busy eh... relaxing. Hoping school will be off tomorrow and my exams postponed!


  8. I love this picture!

    I can't cope with the cold, or disseration work.

    Lets hibernate! xo

  9. you look gorg! Is it a dress? very dainty :)
    Those mugs are such a cool idea too! xx

  10. Hi lovely, thank you so so much for the linkage, you are a doll!Those mugs sound bloody awesome. Good luck with your diss, i know how tough it is, lots of snacks and strokes will get u through :) xxxx

  11. Bloody hell its cold. My hands are numb as I type. You look pretty here :) ALSO, week 52!?! Thats on year since the Sunday Portraits commenced, happy anniversary!
    It would be mine

  12. Oooh that top looks loverly.

    It's not snowing in Lud?!? It's snowing in my town which is like 20mins away from Lud.

    Apparently it was -18c in Powys!

    Love the moustache mugs! So simple but effective.

    Chloe... x

  13. Thanks for linking me!
    My house is freezing at the moment, we've thrown caution to the wind and stuck the heating on all day! It's snowing in Nottingham too, it gave me such a fright yesterday morning, I've been wearing about 4 layers just in the house.
    Also majorly procrastinating with regards to Uni work, damn that X factor!

  14. ugh I wish it would snow Here! send me some snow will ya? haha.

    me = biggest procrastinator in the world..I feel your pain.

  15. Same problem .. I must really work on my dissertation but somehow end up on blogger or twitter!

    Cute photo btw :)


  16. This photo is beautiful! As always. And I would quite happily trade places with you. It's disgustingly hot and muggy in New Zealand at the moment.. blergh. I much prefer cold weather to this!!


  17. A friend of mine told me that in the U.K. today was -17Cº :S So I guess your dad wasn't joking lol.

  18. Heaps of snow with me :) I think it was about that last night. So Cold. Lovely photo xx

  19. love morven:) can't focus on my work either:/ and i know the snow needs to hurry up alreadiez!xx

  20. Lots of snow here too.

    I hate xmas pays as well as my work pay weirdly as well - its like they bring your dec pay forward a week so you have it before xmas,but then you have to wait 6 weeks till your next pay - absolute nightmare!!

  21. Very very small amount of snow in Wolves/Walsall yesterday. So should be with you soon! X

  22. Cute dress! I'm impressed you homemade gifts, I intend to do it every year then leave it later and later (and later and later) until panic buying everything and spending more than I would if I was organised!

  23. Another lovely photo, gorgeous top/dress.
    Good luck with your dissertation x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  24. I really love that print you are wearing!


  25. stunner
    pleaze follow my blog it would mean so much 2 me

  26. Gorgeous photo!
    I still haven't had any snow, not sure when it is suppose to hit Bristol!
    Good luck with your dissertation! I always get distracted too when I'm trying to uni work :/ xo

  27. Everybody procrastinates! When its comes down to getting work done, there are a ton of different things that are more pertinent at that EXACT moment. Like, organizing one's sock drawer. Or Xfactor.

    Also, I think your nose is awesome. It makes me itch to sketch it. Do you look more like your mum or dad?

  28. You're a doll! I need to work on my Christmas shopping!

    Love Grace.

    ps. I featured you, and I hope you don't mind. :)

  29. you were in nz last year?? haha! well it's disgustingly hot here and honestly not nice at all sitting in school with the thickest long uniform skirt in the world >:c
    i dont want the snow to run out before i'm in europe in january!!! :ssss

  30. Its ridic cold in Edinburgh. Je Ne Sais Pas Impressed.

    All the more reason to hole up in Jammies I guess, although I have essays coming out my ears, so it would be quite nice to be able to get to the library!

  31. Great picture! And thank you for the blogs ;)! they are great!
    xoxo irene
    Hope you stop by some time :)

  32. I recently started following! You're posts are wonderful! Many thanks to a great blog <3 <3 -Katie

  33. Keep your head up, and hopefully things will slow down for you soon. I think I'm totally making everyone mustache mugs now. I'm broke, and my brothers would love them!
    My Heart Blogged

  34. I'm sitting in NZ right now ... been here a week - any tips / advice? xx

  35. is that dress from clubcouture by any chance?


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