001. Same old same old guys. Nothing great or fun has been done this week. Although I saw Due Date on Monday (or was it Tuesday) with my friend Greg. It was really good and I totally recommend going to see it! Hopefully will be going to see Jackass 3D this week! My 14 year old self would be totally excited about it, But I'm in two minds about it. Alot of people say its good, but some say its pretty sick.

002. I'm going to Cardiff next week for my friends birthday next week, So I need to desperately find a dress that will come before Saturday. I really like this one. But the idea of wearing white out clubbing makes me nervous. One luminous alcopop later and it would be ruined. So has anyone got their eye on any nice (ie not slutty) going out stuff, please help me!

003. I am venturing into the world of Youtube, and properly this time. I've bought a new camera as per recommendation of Gemma.I'm always asked "do more videos... do more videos... do more videos!" I occasionally wonder if people dont actually read what I say and find it "easier" (convenient, less effort innit!) if I do a video. But I just want to point out that this blog is my priority, and the rest is just a cheeky bonus. I am trying to run "OOTD" videos alongside the actual blog posts though, to try and integrate the two. As someone said in the comments of yesterdays post, Its nice to see it in "3D". But yes, I wont be doing makeup tutorials, No matter how many times I'm asked. It will literally just be vlogs, my consumerist thoughts on things, reviews and recommendations.

004. The new layout is coming along nicely, I'm still in two minds about changing the banner. If you don't know the story of it, I drew it on a napkin in Mcdonalds, well before the blog even came about, I actually just used it for a placeholder when designing the original layout and its stuck ever since! I'm tempted to just redo the background and then keep the banner, whats your thoughts? Theres also going to be a new comments system, one that makes it easier for me to reply to comments, Cant wait to finish it up and get it live!

005. Five to Follow: Irene, Lauren, Lucy, Alison & Claire