001. Its my brothers birthday today and we just celebrated with cake and champagne! Although I've saved my champers for later and opted for a mug of tea instead! We had this awesome meal (well mine was nice, everyone else said theirs was a bit blah!) last night at this little restaurant in town, with the lushet bit of steak I've ever had! I've been telling everyone he was 16 today, when he literally was like "Im 17" I was like... OH. Im a bad sister!

002. Went shopping earlier today too, Bought HD webcam because I figured I didnt really need a camcorder as I was literally only going to be using it for Youtube stuff. However being a total dunce I didnt check if it was fully compatible with a Mac. It does work but the settings arent fully accessible and wont record in full HD, despite its claims. I think Im going to take it back, Hopefully I can get one that works with a Mac, although its proving harder than I imagined! If all else fails I'll probably just spend the extra money and get a proper camcorder.

003. Didn't like this week's X factor one bit! Thought it was boring, lackluster and felt like it was just there. Of course my main man Matt Cardle did an amazing job, I actually have goose bumps! He has real star quality for sure! Fingers crossed Katie will go this week, The thing is I don't hate her voice, I just cant warm to her as a person, She seems like a fame hungry attention seeker, She comes across like a diva and then acts like a child when it comes around. I think Wagners time is up though, I dont think I can sit through another performance of his!

004. Just want to alert you all to a little cause called Movember! Its a cause that aims to bring awareness to forms of male cancer. Now as you may or may not know my best friend died of cancer earlier in the year. I think we don't hear half enough about cancer in men. Beth's boyfriend is growing a tash in aid of the cause this year, If you'd like to support him (and keep track of tash growth!) you can do it here. If i had the ability to grow one I totes would! I love moustaches!

005. Five to Follow: Lauren, Vicki, Boo, Ulrika & Lauren

PS. Will be doing my usual Sunday night BlogTV at 9pm (GMT) till 10pm! Follow me on Twitter for the link!