tunic: forever 21
leggings: H&M
cardigan: primark
necklace: zara taylor
This a total comfort dressing kinda outfit, I know its basic, and I know its nothing radical either. But theres something about a big cardigan and a simple dress that is so irresistibly easy and cute. I like to dress simply, I think sometimes people over dress with the patterns and different styles, the best outfits are always the ones that are totally understated.

Today I'm just wearing a tunic from Forever 21, Its a really intresting bright blue colour, Id describe it as peacock blue or even petrol blue as its quite dark yet vivid at the same time. Its totally different from anything on the highstreet at the moment which is why I was probably drawn to it! Forever 21 is now avaible online if you wanted to go check it out. Personally I think despite loving Forever 21 from a far it has been a slight disappointment, I love their basics, but nothing particularly stands out in my eyes, which is a shame because I'd be coveting it for so long. The prices seem a little jacked up compared to the US as well. Id recommend checking the jewelery and knitwear out though, they really excelled in that!

Im working till 8 today, so this post is scheduled, how sneaky of me! It didnt post so hence why its so late! Not having a car is so inconvenient, I hate public transport with a passion now! Seeing as I have to leave like two hours before I start work because train times are crap where I live! I canceled my gym membership today as I've not been all month. I hope this doesnt mean all the weight piles back on ): But Im just too busy to fit it in now, Id love to go 3 times a week, but I have no time to do the blog, do my uni work and work in New Look, Ill still have pay as you go, but its £5 a pop, which is ridiculously expensive I think!

Thanks for all your help on yesterdays post! I've checked most of the links out and will report back on Sunday which were my favourite from the bunch!