photobooth iz rubbish
Gosh I'm so tired. Like not even regular tired, exhausted. I haven't slept properly all week, and I finally caved in and bought some Nytol in the hope I could at least get one decent nights sleep. I've always been a night owl, My Dad stayed up with me till I went to sleep every night till I was 5, and all through my teens I suffered from bouts of insomnia! Bit of a pain but I'm hoping that my day off tomorrow will help me rest up a bit!

I've purchased some new things from New Look this week, and although its not payday on Tuesday. I thought I'd treat myself, It's also a tad unfortunate that I work there as well to be fair, my money seems to just go full circle and straight back into the till! I'm sure they will pop up on the blog soon but my favorites are this spotted bow vest, this fishermen oversized jumper dress and this lacey cream dress! As for other things I want come payday: this River Island leopard peter pan tunic, this ASOS dip back top, this Topshop cream silk shirt and this Topshop vest in all colours! Hahah I may as well have done a wishlist post tbh! I also NEED to buy the Sims 3.

I've been working on my new university project most of this week which is on the theme of "Measure". Although I initially thought about going down the information graphics route, I wanted to do something a bit different from the standard ones. So after some googling I decided to find out the 500 most used words on twitter (surprised Beiber isnt in it!) and then compare them to the 500 most used words in the english language. I'm just trying to work out how I want to portray this visually, I'm thinking of just doing a floor to wall piece with all the words just listed... hmm! Also my dissertation is going well, I've finally started writing it and I'm on 1534 words, So maybe not being able to sleep has benefited me slightly! 

PS. For everyone who didn't see my Cher Llyod face on Twitter, Here it is in all its glory! Oh and theres a new VIDEO on my Youtube, its on some of my Mac eyeshadows!