Tuesday, November 30, 2010

picture this

jumper: american apparell
necklace: H&M
nails: barry m mushroom

ITS FINALLY SNOWING! Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow, even though Im supposed to be doing the late night shift at work so who knows. Today my laziness got the better of me and I decided to skip college to stay in my cosy warm bedroom. I did however get dressed (after about a hour or two of watching daytime tv!) and snap some outfit photos for today.

I was sent this dress by ClubCouture, A brand that I'd never heard of, The "Club" part sort of scared me as I was expecting like hideous neon raver clothes, But no, I was pleasantly surprised, looking through their webstore I decided to accept their offer of a few items to try out. The dress I wore on this weeks Sunday Portrait was one of theirs, It actually reminded me of something Carrie would wear. Anyway I picked this dress because I loved the pattern, and I knew the shape would flatter my figure, but of course I didnt take the weather in the UK into consideration. Then thinking back a few months ago I wore this outfit, which was basically just a plain jumper thrown over a summery skirt. I didnt even realise at first but Im wearing a similar necklace too! So much love for this American Apparel pullover, I've wore it to death! I was also thinking about wearing my much loved paneled body con over it and having the dress tucked in so it was like a vest, then layering up with a big cardigan! Im feeling pretty inspired by the dress to be fair! I will not let winter stop me from wearing the clothes I want to wear!

I've scheduled tomorrows monthly favourite post, So fingers crossed it will post before I get home! I've not finished it yet either so it might not be the usual 100 outfits!

PS. For  15% of at ClubCouture use CCBLOG15


  1. Love the dress, and how you've made it winter appropriate with the jumper. I've been wearing this kind of outfit too much recently. Sounds like you had a good lazy day. I did the same thing x

  2. Your outfit posts are great. I really like how you piece items together and make it look so effortless!
    I also love your hair, love the dip dye effect :)

  3. Love your outfit, especially the sweater!! So cute.

  4. love your outfit and the dress in your sunday portrait!x

  5. i love how easy to navigate their website is! good stuff. i love that jumper!

  6. I love simple sweatshirt tops I can layer over dresses, but the AA one is the best. Am very jealous of this ultimate version
    It would be mine
    Apparently they're calling this thin layer of grey slush snow here in London. Yeah right.

  7. Cute outfit! Love the skirt!


  8. I love your necklace! I'm Fan♥♥♥

  9. cute video, i love your hair and voice! eheheheeh now i sound like a stalker.

    great jumper and dress.


  10. I look forward to your monthly favorite post - they're always the best! Your outfit is super cute :)

  11. i wore a dark blue oversized jumper with a black bodycon skirt recently, same sorta idea! nice change from tucking everything in all the time!

    love the nails!

  12. I like your posts a lot! Your style is perfect and I like your pieces. :-)

  13. <3 this outfit Lily its really nice... i've also got that coloured nail varnish <3 it!

  14. im loving your hair at the moment,
    the necklace is so cute!
    proud follower of your blog, Lily! :)x

  15. cute outfit! I've got that nail polish, too, and I love the colour!

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  16. May have to take advantage of that discount as I really liked you Sunday Portrait dress.

    Your hair's been looking super beautiful lately!

  17. cute as ever. i have that nail varnish on right now too. TWINZIES!

  18. Cute necklace, really lovely!!!
    we got a sprinkle of snow, nothing special, when it comes to snow I like all or nothing- snow day's are a must. Other wise I just don't benefit & never have time to play in the snow
    I'm enjoying your videos along with the posts

  19. Such a cute dress :)

    Love the American Apparel pullover too

    Char x

  20. I love putting a jumper on top of something summery to make it weather appropriate! The pattern looks so sweet peeping out from the jumper too (:

  21. Your hair's got super long, freakin' loves it xo.

  22. I really like the idea of tucking the dress in. I love it when you think of so many ways to wear the same item! :) xx

  23. I think the dress would be really nice just on its own with a nice cardigan. Primark have a gorgeous berry coloured one at the moment that would really set off the black and white pattern. I have a few black and white patterned skirts that i wear that way. Just put an extra vest top underneath, add a thick pair of tights and a chunky scarf and you're set :) your hair looks lovely and sleek in this btw xx

  24. I really like how you're not afraid to tuck a dress in, or put something over it. Next time I go thrift shopping that when I look as dresses, I will try to think if they would work as a top, and skirt. Thanks for the inspiration!
    My Heart Blogged

  25. i really love your hair!!! i'm jealous!


  26. That is such a cute outfit! I love it! That dress is a must for my wish list!


    (Chanel giveaway when I hit 100 followers)

  27. Aw i nearly bought this pullover/jumper about 50 times in the lighter grey. i never could bring myself to pay £28 for it, i still really want it though.
    One day i will own this jumper.


  28. you've got the most amazing sense of style ever!
    that sweater is really cute, and looks proper snug, i need one like this!
    + loving that necklace!!

    courtney xx

  29. Love the blog
    check out my Christmas give-away

  30. I really like that cameo necklace - have been looking around for one as a gift and this one just about fits the bill!
    Also, your nails always look so shiny! Do you use a specific top coat?


  31. Lily I am loving your outfit videos hun, and like I said if people keep bugging you about your shoes ....your a pirate and have peg legs ... hear that people wooden legs leave her be :P
    Loving all your winter outfits don't know how you still look so damn stylish ..I look like crap BTW your hair is looking lush to looks a pretty golden at the bottom now .. well lush. Hugs hun stay warm and well xxx

  32. awesome nail polish shade!

  33. Hi, just found your blog through another lovely blog, and I am amazed by your talent for writing, fashion and photography, not to mention you're simply stunning! I am an aspiring journalist, and I get so excited when I find blogs such as yours as they provide inspiration and motivation.

    I am definitely becoming a follower .

    xx Carina

  34. Ahh, cute outfit :)I spend most of my time in PJs when I'm just round the house...its too cold to wear anything else! xx

  35. i think i really need some of this mushroom nail polish, it's a lovely colour!
    and i love the cameo necklace :)

  36. hii ; )
    fantastic blog !
    i very like it
    beautifull hair <3

    follow me and write comment if you want ;*

  37. Love your outfit !


  38. stunning as always! i adore your blog♥

  39. im actually in love with your accent
    i wish i had a cute british one <3

  40. lovely as per Lily! Really do like this dress AND the one in your recent Sunday Portrait. And the jumper makes for a snuggly addition to the outfit :) xx

  41. I cant get over how much I love this outfit. I think the necklace is my favorite! I'm new to blogging and I would love any sort of feedback or constructive criticism. Thank you!


    xo, jay

  42. heyy:)
    i love your clothes, you can put an outfit together and it looks amazing
    and i think you should be a model :)

    can you visit my blog and leave a comment please?


  43. i try to never let the weather dictate what i wear! people look at my like im crazy for wearing a dress and tights in the winter but i love it


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