tunic: forever 21 
cardigan: charity shop
leggings: topshop
belt: primark
scrabble ring: vipxo
moustache ring: tatty devine 
necklace: club couture

I actually wore this out last night to the cinema and pub, but snapped it before work this morning, So I did kinda wear this today! It was so cold last night, it took a good 20 minutes in my car for me to feel my toes again! Harry Potter was good, as Im sure you all know. The cinema was packed out, and it made me realise why I never go to the cinema anymore. Too much inappropriate laughter and munching on sweets/popcorn/crisps and slurping on giant cokes! We went to the pub after and literally like 2 minutes after getting a drink my friend Greg got kicked out as he was barred for insulting the landlady and pissing on the bouncer. HA life.

Another of my Forever 21 purchases making their debut on the blog. I love the colour of the tunic, It reminds me of Peter Pan! I cant find the tunic on the website, so sorry I cant link it! But its a lovely bright green marl colour with a frilled out bottom, even though it adds some extra volume to my thighs its lovely! Obviously wearing some thick leggings though as its not even dress length its just crazy short! Especially since I wore my new Chelsea boots too. Club Couture sent me some stuff last week and this necklace was one of the bits, I actually love this necklace. I used to have a similar one from Topshop but it went green after about two wears. Why is Freedom at Topshop stuff always so cruddy?

Im especially loving my hair at the moment, For some reason its actually doing what I want it to do. I havent even changed anything about my very poor hair routine of doing absolutely nothing but backcombing it a bit around the crown! I have re-ombre'ed it last week, and Im probably gonna get it trimmed at some point in the next week (seriously who am I kidding, I totally wont!)