Hello strangers! I've been busy doing things and not really having time to post properly. I went to the Forever 21 opening on Friday in Birmingham and it was really good! I really liked the shop, it was merchandised well (the way the clothes are put out) and had a lot of really nice stuff. I bought a few things, Not as much as I expected to actually! I did film a haul video, But decided not to post it Im sure will be popping up on the blog in a proper outfit post soon! I will give more indepth thoughts about it soon too!

I filmed this quick video before I dashed out this morning, Don't worry it doesn't mean I'm stopping doing the blog, or giving up on doing proper outfit posts! Remember guys that Youtube isn't my main priority! This blog is! It was simply just a quickie video to tide me over till next week when I hope to have some more outfits properly photographed. Ideally Id like to be able to do three outfit posts a week, Two at the very least. But this week has been a fail on that! I may just do these quick videos alongside the actual blog posts, They don't take me long to do an seeing as time is so precious for me right now its a little more convenient! I hate the expression "OOTD", I think its so lame, But in terms of making the video a bit more search-able, I shall be labeling them ~OOTD's~ *cringe*. Gosh Im changing my ways and doing things against everything I believe in!

I've not been up to much though in my time away from the keyboard, Just been working at New Look and working on my dissertation. Which I have actually decided to do on Internet Meme's, It really does make me question my own sanity when I spend most of my time on 4chan laughing at trolls and memes in the name of research! Listing it as a legitimate reference in my bibliography as well makes me lol! Oh well! Tomorrow Im spending the day doing blog related stuff, Alot of really interesting and fun stuff has popped into my inbox this week, I really need to get replying and sorting things out! Exciting! Please dont think I'm forgetting you guys though, Its just hectic! Im hoping to reduce my hours at work next year so I cant focus a bit more on this! I know that sounds a bit sad, But this blog is something I care about as much as university and working. I used to not see it as a career opportunity, But now things have changed, Maybe I dont have a massive passion for writing but I love sharing my thoughts and opinions with you guys!