dress: asos
rosary: via ebay
cross ring: asos
mustache ring: tatty devine
nails: nubar rosso (you can buy it here)

Sometimes you see a dress and you just need it in your life, This Asos Peter Pan dress was perfect, I wanted it so badly buy it was sold out in my size and in the colour way I wanted. I emailled Asos repeatedly asking if it was in stock and even though they claimed it was, it was never on the website. Then Daisy Kate from Fashion Stereotype kindly tweeted me and prodded me in the direction of the Petite version. I bought it in a 10, but could have probably done with a 8 as its a bit baggy on my shoulders. Unfortunately the dress in the Black/White combo has now sold out but you can still get the camel/black one, which is just as cute!

 Now when it comes to Asos and petite it really frustrates me. I find all their dresses abnormally long (regular and petite ranges!). I've actually ranted about this before, Im 5ft5, While not classed as petite I pretty much am. Now maybe its coz I like dresses to hit me at a certain length (mid thigh, needs to be above my knees at least!) but they just come really long. I'm normally lazy and never take things up myself, but because of my pure love for this dress I took it up about two inches. I just think if something classed as petite, it should be short, god knows how long the normal version one, would have probably been a maxi dress on me!

I had to suitably style the dress to fit my Wednesday Adams obsession, Most importantly the fishtail braid to add that little extra nod and the knotted rosary. The rosary has to be one of my all time favourite ebay purchases EVER. Its so versitile and easy to wear, and the red just gives it a little something extra. I even wore my Asos cross ring for another little nod to some gothic glamour! I took off my fake nails todat and opted for the au natural look. My natural nails are horrid but to hide this I used my new favourite polish Nubar Rosso, Its a lovely sparkly red with loads of glitter in, I like it 100 times more than the Barry M glitter polish! Its not flaking off at all!

I'm going to see Harry Potter tonight with KB and Greg! Im not even that much of a HP fan, but the Twitterverse has gone mad for it and I need to see what everyone going on about. I've not read the last book, I have read the others though so it might be a nice surprise! I also won a case of Vitamin Water today in Twitter and £5 on a scratchcard. Lucky day muchhh!

Also, Im not sure if I should embed my outfit videos on the blog or not, what are your thoughts?