jumper: primark
skirt: H&M
snood: primark
ring: primark
rosary: via ebay
I actually featured an outfit similar to this on last months favorites post (number 1). To be honest it was the reason why I was inspired to put it together like this. This is why I like blogging and sharing things online, Seeing other girls wear things then trying to add my own spin and style to them. Its nice also making outfits with what you have rather than going out and getting the same stuff as someone else. I obviously layered up when I did venture out today, I actually wore a blazer as well as a coat, as well as two vests underneath, two pairs of tights and a hat. I must have looked like I put on 20 stone, but least I was (semi)warm!

My hair still hasn't returned to normal after a epic backcombing session the other day! I also just heard the tragic news that our boiler has broken and I'm going to have to wash it in freezing cold water.  I also broke my Macbook charger last night (I think it just gave up!) so had to pay £50 for a new one. Even though I can claim a new one through Apple care, I just need one ASAP. I managed to borrow one from University for the time being though! I was freaking out trying to use a Windows laptop last night, I forgot how hard to use they are! Once you go Mac to never go back! Seriously can life get any better? I dont understand why I've hit such a spell of bad luck this month, Oh well. Lets hope December goes a little better!