dress: new look

Im having such a dress dilemma right now, Im going out on Saturday in Cardiff, Well Im supposed to be my friend hasnt got back to me yet. But regardless, I need a party dress. Its ~PARTY SEASONNN~ after all. I simply cannot find anything that suits me! I have a small upper body (aka no boobs!) a small wasit and widish hips. Ill probably wear this with tights and a fur coat, before you go running to the comments to tell me how cold ill be without them or how short my "dress" is! boo you! I really struggle with going out-y stuff, I hardly ever go out, and as a newly single lady, I want to look nice but not slutty, but not too conservative either.

Anyway, what I was going to ask if anyone had any party dresses they have their eye on, and if they could help me solve my dress dilemma! Im sure you all know my style if you want to go looking for a dress for me, It would help me so much if you did! I like black (but could stretch to cream/navy/grey, no brights), floaty but nothing to voluminous, things that are structured but not body con, not too long either as I'm a shorty! I feel like I need a personal shopper! But this will have to do! If you cant be bothered with all that, just link me to ones that you like! Or should I just stick to this one?

PS. Does anyone think my bruise on my leg looks like a face?