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"Would you accept money for posting about a certain product or brand? How do you feel about bloggers who are paid?"

This isnt really a question, but really just some thoughts on some of the things I've been considering blogwise recently. As you probably all know, this blog has a huge amount of traffic, Im averaging about 250,000 (yup quarter of a million! eep!) hits a month, and I've really been considering how I could and should try and further my blog in terms of PR, and I decided to do a Ask LLYMLRS on everyone least favourite topic in blogging, Being paid.

I know making money off blogs is quite a controversial issue right now, From people doing sponsored posts, advertisements, getting free stuff and "selling out". Im going to be honest now and say, I earn about £15 a month off my blog and Youtube combined. So much for being a "big" blogger hey! This is through my own choice though, I do have a few videos in the Youtube Revenue Share program, but Im not a partner, I also have one sponsor, and one Google based advert which literally earns pennies! I very rarely accept free items when Im offered them, and also am very picky when it comes to choosing who sponsors the blog!

I decline probably around 90% of the PR related things Im offered and am very conscious of the way you guys feel about me accepting them. In some ways I feel like I'll be selling out. My blog is about me, what I do and what I wear. I dont want you guys to think I'm shoving brands down your throat. But then in the same way, What I wear is an advertisement, Remember when I posted this post, that heart print vest sold out on the website the following day (It did go down in the sale though and there was loads in my local New Look!), Now Im not saying I'm wholly responsible for that, but could the fact that I linked to where I got it from, It could be a contributing factor into why it did? By posting outfit posts featuring the different brands, Im being an advert, just the only difference is I'm not getting paid to do it!

As for my feelings on blogs getting free items, sponsored posts or getting paid, I personally am not bothered by them, Alot of the time they are helpful and informative and make me aware of new things. Especially new things on market I'd not heard or tried before. I do feel alot of bloggers abuse this though, with not being open and giving a full disclaimer of things they are being paid to do. I've seen far too many bloggers and youtubers morph into money hungry walking advertisements. Personally don't push my sponsorship program, I know alot of blogs do a monthly post "calling for sponsors" post! But I haven't really made a big deal about mine. I dont think its wrong for blogs to do that either, personally I think its a smart move!

If I do choose to accept money for posts, and Im not saying that I will be doing them, Im just looking for opinions. I will be my usual picky self and only choose relevant things that I feel would benefit you guys as much as it would me! I am going to make it clear with any brands that I will give my honest and unbiased view on anything Im sent and regardless of any "compensation" I recieve for posting about them. Also just to clarify I wont be doing a sponsored post every week or anything like that, It will just be the occasional thing, and I'm hoping that most of the time I can intergrate them with the blog rather having set posts that are 100% sponsors!

In an ideal world I'd love to live off my blog, To be honest who wouldnt, Spending a few hours typing a post up and getting money for doing something that you love and feel passionate about. Not having to work a crummy 9-5 job just to get by. I know its a unrealistic view, but I'm sure most of us would love to love to live the sweet life if we could! Trust me guys Im not going to be turning into Elle and Blair and blurring the lines between paid and "compensated". Im 100% honest with everything I do or say on this blog. So even if there are "sponsored posts" or me with more freebies, I'll still be my usual honest self.

Id love to know your opinions on things like this, I know its a bit hushhush in the community, but its something Id like to know more about. Am I being smart choosing to accept them or am I making myself look stupid by giving into advertisers. More importantly am I abusing my followers? Would you do sponsored post or adverts? Even if your not a blogger what are your feelings on those who do sponsored posts, do you see as them as being greedy and money hungry, abusing their followers for their own personal gain? Would be interesting to know everyone opinions on this!