Right, I'm so sorry this has taken me FOREVER to get up properly! As you can tell from the original post, I have had 1430 comments to go through with, plus extra entries and tweets to check! I was keeping up with the contest until about two weeks in and then I got busy and have literally just finished adding all the names into my spreadsheet! Just to verify, The winner was picked at random using random.org, Like I said all names are put into a spreadsheet, and then I generate a random number and voila the winner is chosen! So without further a do the winner is...

If you can please email me and let me know your address, I do have your email address, I just want to make sure they aren't ligging and or not properly following my blog! If no contact within 3 days I shall pass it on to the next person!

I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped entered, tweeted, posted and linked to my giveaway, I really cannot believe how many people entered! Its overwhelming! I do have another giveaway lined up, well it is in the process of being sorted out at the moment, but should run nicely alongside Christmas!

I know alot of people wanted this bag, I do feel bad for not letting you all know where I bought it from sooner, I thought it was just ruin it a bit. Believe it or not I actually bought it from eBay, I was literally trawling eBay trying to find the perfect bag for giveaway, I never really intitally wanted to give and Alexa style one away, I was just looking for some sort of satchel, I came across this one, and for the price I took my chances! It came within about 7-10 days and really well packaged, No problems what so ever!