dress: pussycat @ new look
cardigan: marks and spencers via charity shop
scarf: zara
brooch: primark
ring: asos
nails: barry m 297 blue glitter

Been wearing this outfit for the past few days at work, I just wanted to show you as its my favorite thing to wear at the moment. The cardigan was actually something I picked up from a charity shop months and months ago and totally forgot about, I pulled the other day it out coz it was super warm, and I still dont have a winter coat! Its been stuck to me ever since! Its made of really thick chunky wool, and its SO warm, Ive not actually been cold and I've been wearing this and just a dress for the past few days! The dress is old stock Pussycat concession from New Look, If you didn't know, I work for the concessions at New Look (Hereford)! It went down to £5 in the sale, so you might be able to find it if you have a rummage.

Missed my Screen printing class today so I'm a bit grumpy. I woke up at half 9 and had to be in for 10 for it! Ugh! I really wanted to do a screen print for my Love/Hate project! Ill see if I can fit another session in next week! Cant wait for the clocks to go back on Sunday, extra hour in bed! Its also Halloween, Im not doing anything but if I was I'd either dress up as Hulk Hogan or the Keyboard cat! On the subject of the Keyboard Cat, When looking for that Keyboard cat song, I found that there was a SECOND KEYBOARD CAT (R.I.P Fatso!). I lolled forever at this video!

What are you dressing up for as for halloween?