001. Bad blogger alert! Sorry that I was MIA this week, social life took charge and I decided to do that instead in the evenings than doing this! It made a nice change, But I love the social side of blogging too! I went out on Friday night which was hilarious, I love going out with university people, We don't go out together half as much as we should do! Im not much of a drinker, seriously like twice a year at most, Thankfully I didnt feel TOO bad in the morning! Was just exhausted from coming home at 4am!

002. Been filming a video this afternoon, which will probably go up later tonight or tomorrow! Alot of people asked about those Andrew Barton Triple Barreled wavers that I said I'd bought and didn't like, So I did a review, Its pretty negative but I'll link it here when its uploaded! I am actually thinking of starting a new blog with my thoughts on things I buy/reviews/stuff that doesn't fit on this blog. I always want this to be a Fashion blog, I'm thinking of calling it ETC LLYMLRS or something like that! We shall see!

003. I'm going to do a Stickam chat tonight, my username is LLYMLRS , I did do a Blog TV last time, but with Stickam you can have other people on camera and talking too, I thought it would be fun to have a few people talking rather than just me! You do have to be a member though so sign up & add me! Or feel free to lurk! But I'd love to talk to more people! Will post on Twitter when I do decide to start it though, Probably after Xfactor (9PM GMT!)!

004. Just for laughs me and Victoria posted some pictures on Twitter of us in our scene/emo days! You can see all of my photos here (each word links to different pictures!), Funny enough "llymlrs emo" is the 12th most searched for thing that is linked into my blog! The isn't something I'd hide from you guys! I know I look totally different I was like 14-16, and I am 20 now! I don't regret those days at all, I think its a weird question when people ask that, To be honest those Myspace days were the best time of my life!

005. Five to Follow: Chloe, Helen, Carla, Hope, Lauren

PS. People do know when something is in this grey colour, its a link. I normally expand or add some relevant information to my posts for people who dont understand what I mean or really get what Im talking about! Just Sayin' coz alot of people ask me things and if they followed the link it would all be explained!