001. What a suprise! I'm sick again, Im sorry I have done another Photobooth one of these, Half my face makeup has rubbed off anyway and my nose is dry and red, Plus Xfactors on and I really cant be bothered! I haven't really looked after myself this week as I've been rushing around like there is no tomorrow! Every single day this week I've been leaving my house around half 8 and getting back at 6 or 7pm! Next week Im going to be much better, Try and relax more and not push myself so hard! I'm so driven sometimes its hard to actually sit down and do nothing!

002. On Friday night I did a impromtu Blog TV, I've never done one before but it was so much fun talking to people! We talked about the most random things (children pooing in ballpits & 90's TV shows!), It was a all round good laugh! I'd love to do more of these to be honest! I cant decide if I want to do them on blogTV or on Stickam though! We shall have to see!

003. I did a quick (and very nasally!) review on youtube, of my new favourite eyeliner, which is Illamasqua Precision Ink liquid eyeliner! Its not the most perfect video ever, but people seem to like it when I do videos, So there ya go! I will try and do one video a week, but its hard to fit in & I really hate the Macbook quality!

004. There has been some issues with people viewing the blog in IE 7 or below, Its not displaying the blog as its supposed to look, Its three columns, no scrolling down to view the posts! I seriously think everyone should use Firefox as browser, Its so much safer than Internet Explorer, It has a million better features and addons than IE too! I cant believe people still use IE! Its actually the fourth most used browser that my blogs viewed in!

005. Five to follow: Kelly, Gem (HAPPY BLOGAVERSAIRY FOR TOMOZ!), Emma, Victoria & Kelly!