shorts: H&M
blazer: topshop
scarf: zara
necklace: zara taylor

You may have seen this before... I was naughty and too these photos yesterday, I didn't know what time I'd get home today so thought I'd be prepared for a change! Instead I was home sipping a cuppa by 4pm, which is a rarity at the moment! These photos make me realize how much I need a new lens for my camera, I really hate the quality of them! I'm never going to be satisfied! I have asked Father Christmas, But I think I'll probs run out of patience in the run up to Christmas and buy myself one next payday!

Motel Rocks sent me a little package this week with a few other dresses to show and style up! This dress is one of the ones I picked, It makes my waist look small (good) but my hips big (bad!) Despite this I do really love the shape, Even if it does make my hips look much wider than they are, Its nice to have a dress fit me so well for a change. I got this in a size M, which is supposed to be a Size 12, But its very fitted on me, So I'd say size up if you were thinking of getting it too! And at 5ft 5, It was scandalously short on me hence the shorts, So I wouldn't expect it to be a dress on anyone taller than me! Motel has free delivery and free returns (Always a plus in my book! Free shipping junkie!) and their selection of day and nightwear is really great! I like it when shops do dresses in the same fabrics/prints but in different styles! H&M does this well too, There is nothing worse than seeing a dress made out of a lovely pattern to try it on and the shape be totally wrong for you!

Had massive problems with canceling my car insurance today, I had a massive rant at this poor bloke, which I feel really bad about now, But my insurance company are just so rubbish! Someone made a claim against me, which I'm contesting, but despite sending off the forms and whatnot I haven't heard anything back from them. Upon asking how long it would take, the man replied 5 years max! I was like "YOUR KIDDING RIGHT! BLAHBLAHBLAH", So yeah, Now I have to pay my full car insurance and I cant even say I've got no claims as there's a claim going on at the moment. Majorly pissed off as its going to cost me like a £1000 this year, and thats using a comparison website! I'm probably going to go to the gym tonight, Despite the fact my chest is aching and my nose is running like mad! Me and my bezzie, Greg, shared a packet of Cold/Flu medicine today, Which seemed to ease my pain a bit, But I'm feeling very lethargic tonight! I think a little session at the gym will re-energize me, or at least make up for the fact I ate a 12 inch chicken tikka subway with extra cheese! My bad!