cardigan: primark
belt & bag: primark
necklace: via ebay

Gosh I look plain and glum today, I really wanted to do a outfit post, but with the failing light I just kinda went with what I had already shot! Lighting is going to be a serious issue come the winter months. I leave my house at half 8 most mornings and Im not back home till 7! I've actually considered buying some studio lights and a soft box today to counteract these issues! But we will have to see, I love my natural light rather than artificially lit images, I HATE flash, it makes everything look ugly! Anyone with photography know how please help me!

I'm wearing a playsuit I was kindly sent by In love with fashion, I have to admit its not my normal style, Im really not sure what drew me to it when I was asked to pick a few items! The shape is different from most things Id normally dress myself in! I honestly have to say this playsuit looks amazing on me (BIG MYSELF UP!). The cut really flatters my small waist and flares out to hide my thighs! I know you cant really tell in the photos as I've kinda styled it down, It has this lovely 60's/70's Studio 54 feel to it, I just want to glam it up with a fancy belt, take off my tights (although its frightfully cold at the moment so maybe not!) and put on some heels and go out!

Alas no, I'm sitting at home now, currently in my gym kit waiting for my tea to cook, nomming my way through a pack of caramel rice cakes! A less than glamorous Friday night I think we can all agree on that! I had to work at my old job today, as they needed some cover which meant I ate my own weight in baked goods, The chelsea buns there are seriously addictive! I seriously cannot wait for Sunday, I've been so busy this week I just want a massive lie in and some time doing nothing! Even though I've got to write my dissertation proposal at some point this weekened, Cant wait for that to take over my life... NOT!