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Faux fur has evolved this year and there is fur trims on jackets as well as an influx of furry gilets to fur lined clogs and booties as well as some lovely trapper and Russian inspired hats. Personally I love faux fur, Pulling out my faux fur jacket is my favourite part of winter. There's something so glamorous and chic about being bundled up in a big furry ball! A fur gilet can add a really retro and bohemian feel to a simple long sleeved dress or top! I saw a girl rocking one at the Look Show, and as much as I'm against replicating someones styling, I pretty much NEED the shirt and gilet!

This A/W I'm on the hunt for the perfect faux fur jacket! I'd ideally like one that comes mid thigh, not too big in a nice rich chocolatey brown colour. A girl can dream right? I shall be trawling round all the charity and vintage shops over the next coming months! Last year there was this beautiful coat in the Topshop A/W lookbook, and I checked everyday to see if it was on sale, But no luck. I ended up buying two from a charity shop instead, but they weren't quite right! I always find lovely vintage coats, but they turn out like 3 sizes too big for me. I also really want a nice Mongolian fur gilet, probably a black one that comes to the waist, We have one in New Look at the moment which is cute, But its not quite what I'm looking for! Fur will be trickling into stores from now on I predict, Fingers crossed for that Topshop jacket!

Id never wear real fur, I know I wear leather but personally I think fur is a bit different, I was once offered this real fur jacket, and it was beautiful, in pristine condition and they said I could have it for £20, I just couldn't do it, It kinda creeps me out really! Theres something about fur that I just simply cannot agree with. I think alot of people nowadays wouldn't wear fur, The whole real fur/faux fur is a MASSIVE debate in fashion, But I wouldn't hate someone or think less of them if someone else wore it. I know the Olsens are big real fur fans! Like I said I'd never wear it myself!

What are your thoughts? Are you going to be wearing some faux fur this autumn winter, or even real fur if your that way inclined? Let me know your feelings!