Hello my loves, Sorry its been a slow week on the blog front! I just haven't really had the time to blog properly, I've got tons of half written posts to share at some point though! It feels like I havent talked to you guys properly in ages, Even though its been like three days and I'm still chatting away on Twitter!

Went to see The Social Network on Tuesday afternoon with Greg and Kyle, I thought it was really good, But if you ask me why I thought it was good I really cant give you a proper answer. It was just really interesting, it didnt really have anything that stood out, it wasn't a comedy film, it didn't have any explosions or high action bits, nothing lovey dovey or unrealistic. It was just a real story that really kept your interest as you watch it. I think its major appeals to people because its real, Its something thats part of our daily lives! Hands up who checks Facebook everyday! Id totally recommend for everyone to see it!

There was a fire in town today, It set fire to the Card Factory, Anne Summers and River Island. Me being a idiot was walking round town on my lunch thinking "Oh ill just pop to River Island for those shorts... DOH" The thought of all those clothes being ruined *sniff* Its being hailed as the "Herefords worst fire for 100 years"- Radio One (I lolled!) I was hoping I wouldnt have to go to work today, but unfortunately it didnt affect out end of town.

Other notable things from the past few days: I want to be Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, bought some triple barrelled wavers and didn't like them, got my eye on a coat for winter, bought a new lens for my camera, got some great things coming up in the next month or two which I cant wait to share with you, finished all my drawings for my love/hate project, managed to get my car insurance down to £600 even that's expensive, my diets gone out the window no thanks to being ill + Colonel Sanders! & FINALLY sorted my student loan out properly!

Im not working or going to University tomorrow so I WILL do a outfit post and maybe film a video!