coat: primark
glasses: girl props
brogues: primark
rings: H&M+ Topshop
Just wanted to get some thoughts today on long tops/tunics as dresses, I wear tunics/tops as dresses all the time! Of course Id never go without tights/leggings if there was chance of my bum being out! Im under the impression its pretty much universally acceptable to wear leggings with long tops! Personally I believe that if "there "'ain't not butt cheeks or camel toe on show then your good to go!"! Id never wear leggings as trousers. I once saw a girl in town wearing a pair of leggings (which you could see her thong through!) and a cropped t-shirt! Id also never go out with a skirt so short you can see my bum, Unlike half the female population of the UK who think its acceptable to go out in their undies or a boob tube on a Friday night!

Im 5ft5, I wouldn't say Im petite, (petite is 5ft4 and below, so not really!), But I find ALL dresses from highstreet shops are too long for me, and then I find petite stuff to be too short! I don't remember the last time I bought something classed as a dress from Topshop/Primark/New Look that wasn't way past my knees, and just drowns my frame. I do take alot of things up if they are too long, But its such a shame when I find lovely dresses that just cant be altered as it would ruin the shape or pattern! Funny enough when I was doing some research on this, apparently all clothes are designed to fit a woman whos 5ft5 without shoes! I'm sure alot of people will have the opposite problem to me though! Tunics being too short and dresses being perfect! I wish there was a bit more variation in hemlines!

Anyway, back to the outfit, I saw this dress on the mannequin as I walked past and knew I wanted it, I didn't realize it had the balloon sleeves until I went in store, But I figure its winter, Its not like I'm going to go out without a coat/cardigan or something over it so I can live with that! The gorgeous lacey fabric and the berry colour fit my A/W wardrobe perfectly! Teamed with my bargain-lious £1 Primark coat, and my amazing half tints from Girl Props, Perfect transitional period dressing! Also rocking my new brogues as picked by my tweeps! Im tempted to get the black ones too, But I think Im going to hold out and buy some lace up black booties with a fur cuff for winter! PS. I did change into leggings after taking these pictures ;)