001. Last night at the Food Festival was really fun! I had such a good time with my friends! Ludlow is always really buzzing at night during the Food Festival, it was so busy and it took FOREVER to get drinks! We have some gourmet *coughcough* chips and cheese from the local kebab shop on the way home. Classy ladies!

002. Im fretting about what to wear to this LOOK Fashion Show! This week I shall be doing some serious shopping to make sure I can find the perfect outfit! The thing is ive got this picture in my head of how I'd like to look, but I just cant seem to find the right look!

003. I've decided to start doing a Project 365. I know a few people do it like Claire (see hers here) and Helen (see hers here) and you can see a whole pool of images on Flickr. Funny enough Victoria has decided to embark on the project too! Ill probably be uploading them to my Flickr rather than on here, but they come up in my Flickr widget in the sidebar so if you wanna see them check them as I go along!

004. I cant be bothered to hold it off anymore after getting 237217489473 questions on Formspring about what id be selling last week, So if you want to "shop my closet" go over to Shop LLYMLRS and you can see all the things I'm selling. There is only 18 things up right now, But I will add things as I go along! Most things are around £5-£10, First come first served!

005. Oh and just because a lot of people ask, I edit my photographs in Photoshop. The Sunday ones are the only ones that are really edited. The outfit ones arent edited (apart from maybe to enhance the colours). To do the Sunday ones, I change all the layers/colours/levels/overlays and just play around till i get something Im satisfied. I actually have a range of Photoshop Actions that I use regularly that I created when I was at college. You can download ones though, Night-Fate has some lovely ones!