shirt: primark
shorts: H&M
cardigan: H&M
leggings: topshop

Wasn't actually going to post this today, I was gonna leave it till Wednesday and post a Ask LLYMLRS on what I think makes a sucessful blog. But it isnt quite finished yet, It needs some tweaking, some images taken for it as well as a disclaimer written as I can imagine people getting offended by it *rolls eyes*. So ill switch it up a bit and do this today, and then the Q&A on Wednesday!

I am also sporting the giveaway bag purely for promotional purposes, I haven't used it so dont think your having my cast off's or anything! It is brand new and never been used! Just posed with! Today I opted for a topknot even though they make me look like a Victorian Nanny! Im having such bad hair days at the moment, . I bought this shirt from Primark while I was in London last week, I know its sheer, I know you can see my bra, before you scream "OMG U SLUT", I quite like the bra poking through a sheer shirt, I think it looks really cute! I may get a strapless bodysuit to go under it though for winter thought, I dont think my nips would forgive me!

I have a Calender Girls style shoot tomorrow morning (7:30 ugh!) for my friends Charity. I dont know if you guys have been reading for that long but my best friend died of cancer back in March, and I've been wanting to do something to raise money for it for a while now. I was going to do a marathon (hence why I run so much!) but Im still a bit worried Im not gonna be able to do that so when the opportunity to do a Calender girls thing for the charity I jumped at the chance. I am worried about getting my baps out in the bakery I used to work in (wheyy pun!) but hey, Its for a cause so close to my heart I'd happily do anything to raise money for him!