skirt: H&M
cardigan: H&M
vest: new look
belt: primark
nails: barry m 294 cyan blue
necklace: zara taylor

Again, these photos aren't from today! I took them on Saturday morning before work, But because I ended up staying over at Ivor's I wasn't able to post them! I adore that heart print vest that I got from New Look, I've been eyeing it up for a while but decided to buy it when I bought those pegleg trousers! I cant really decide if I like it tucked in or not. I never normally tuck things in, or belt them for that fact. I really dont like showing off my tum, Yup I'm not flat stomached, but god I wish I was! I dont like having things stretched over my belly at all! But I adore this kinda inky-petrol blue skirt I bought from H&M for the measely sum of £2.99. I love the basic skirts from H&M so versitle and cheap! And of course I'm rocking that green cardigan that I've worn in countless posts since I bought it. It really is my favourite cardigan right now!

Just a heads up to everyone, The H&M online store opens on September 16th. But if you sign up for their newsletter you can shop exclusively from the September 9th! Exciting times, What with Zara and H&M both opening up online stores so close to each other. I like shopping online because its easier to look through everything, because I find it SO easy to miss things when Im looking in store! Especially in H&M because in my local store things are all bunched together by colour or style, and Im lazy and dont like rummaging too much! Plus you can find all the bargains easier! If you want to take a peek at their A/W campaign images click here or anything H&M lookbook/news related here!

Anyway, I've definately decided to do a meet up at some point in the next few months, so that will be organized and posted about well in advance so people can all make sure they can get time off/make it down to London or whatever! I need someone to help me organize it though as Im a total nOOb when it comes to anything London based, I hate even going on the Tube! Cant wait to meet people, especially the ones who's blogs I follow and love! Theres so many people in the blog world I'd love to meet properly! I didnt realise how many people will be intrested in doing a meet up! Anyway, hope everyones well! I've gotta go try and wake Ivor up as hes fallen asleep since I started blogging, hes such a grump when he wakes up!