top: H&M
leggings: topshop
necklace: zara taylor
boater: primark
rings: H&M + accessorize + asos

K, I have to admit that this isn't actually what I wore today or what I'm wearing now. I shot this at the weekend but decided against using it because I thought it was bland.  Due to the failing light (I really hate getting home so late from work!) and the fact Im looking like a hot mess (Was so hot at work today!) I decided to go with it anyway! However I wanted to update you a little on my life and whatnot so hey, its better than nothing right? I have tons of outtake photos of full outfits that I decide not to post. Ones like this I don't think are inspiring or worth posting about so they are mainly for my own memory of what "looks good"! I dont even upload these kinda ones to my Lookbook or Chictopia. Although occasionally I do Chictopia, but never Lookbook. It totally isn't the "Loobook look"! BTW I think Lookbook is now open for all new members so if you wanted an invite go and sign up!

I think its about time I swapped my boater for a bowler hat. I think its going to be my "must have" item of the winter. I've had my eye on this Asos one for a long time now, But I still haven't got round to getting it. I was going to buy one when I was in London months and months ago thinking "oh they'll be everywhere this A/W" because for some reason I think they are going to be big!?

In other news I bought some trousers from New Look. I actually tried this pair on ages ago and decided they really didn't suit me, But then after a twitpic (excuse my jowls, I look like a old lady!) and some feedback from the girls in the changing room I decided to buy them. That outfit in the picture was supposed to be todays outfit photo, but like I said it was a lighting fail, So ill probably do it tomorrow, So showing you that picture is probably a bit of a silly idea!

I think that is all for today, I'm working again tomorrow, But I will do a outfit post tomorrow, I still haven't got anywhere with my Ask the Bloggers project, I haven't even contacted all the people I wanted to be a part of it. I'm also not accepting any interviews for blogs at the moment as I really dont have time, Although, as awful as it sounds. if you have a decent following and are asking me some original questions I'd be happy to take the time to answer them. It just takes me a long time to answer interviews and alot of people with only a few followers have asked me to do them and even though I'd love to if I had time to spare, in all honesty, and I know its harsh but if no ones going to see it I dont like to spend a good half hour/hour answering it. Do you understand what I mean? I don't mean to be a bitch or anything but y'know...