top: H&M
jeggings: primark
necklace: zara taylor
hat: primark

When Jen did a "As Inspired..." post based on me I always knew I wanted to do one back. Looking through my wardrobe and through Jens looks I though "Right whats a classic Jen outfit" I though the Trouser/Breton combo was a perfect starter. Its the kind of outfit I always think of when I think about her! She has this perfect wardrobe of all the key and classic wardrobe pieces, you will ever need. Striped bretons? Check! Floral tea dresses? Check! Chunky oversized knits? Check! She makes me want to try peg leg trousers so much. Heres a few links to a few of my favourite outfits shes recently worn. I even wore red lips, because I think she looks freaking awesome with red lips!

So when I was shopping last weekend I decided to pick up a pair of these "jeggings" in Khaki. I shudder at the word Jeggings, Seriously it just sounds so wrong. Before you say " LILZ JEGGINGS AINT TREWS BRO!" I know, I know, I'm kinda cheating, but aren't jeggings now classed as trousers? They certainly are are at New Look as they are part of the new Denim Range (shameless plug, plz keep me employed New Look!) Now I haven't worn trousers in any form for what feels like... well actually has been about 3 years. I've honestly not even bothered trying any on until I started thinking about this little response post (Yes I think of blog things IRL!).

I tried, I really did try and have a go at wearing jeans/leggings/jeggings/whatever, but I've come to the conclusion, They really don't suit me. Maybe I just have a weird complex about my short legs that makes me paranoid that I look stumpy with them on! or maybe its because I stick to wearing tights because they are black make my legs look thinner? All I know is that I don't do jeans, and I don't think I will again! But hey, Fashions always about pushing yourself and working out whats good for you! I really am going to try some peglegs, although the fat leg issue will come up again and I can see myself not liking them.

Are any of you like me and have a jeans/trousers complex? Or do you wear nothing but jeans? Lemme know peeps!