dress: topshop
jumper: H&M
necklace: zara taylor

I feel like I've slacked off alot this week on the blog! I haven't posted properly really and I've not replied to any of my emails, and they keep piling up, so I'm really sorry if I don't reply. I do read and appreciate them all! I like to do at least 3 outfit posts a week and I've done one this week, and that was shot last Saturday! This one is a bit of a fail, but oh well! Its pretty much the same as this outfit, with a different skirt and not quite as nice. The light was giving up on me, and even though I've shot about 1000000000 images tonight, I look nice in 0! Hence why their is only two images tonight! I'll try taking a good one tomorrow! Promiseee! I really dont know how Im going to take outfit photos in the winter if the lights gonna be like this all the time. Might get a lightbox or something!

I booked my coach tickets to London this morning! Its so much cheaper than getting the train (it was getting up to £100! I suppose its not much in advance and I don't have a railcard, but still that is crazy!)So I'm going to be staying in London next weekend Friday-Monday, So if anyone wants to meet up for a few we should organize something! I'm fretting about what to pack and wear, and I'm worrying about my allergies too. I get really bad eyes when ever I go to London as I'm so not used to all the pollution and dust flying everywhere and I end up looking like a drippy eyed mess! Every time I go normally I have to wear no makeup and take my sunglasses! My friend Olivia has stepped in as my plus one for the event so I'm happy!

Gotta run off to the gym now, First time in about a week! Such a all round slacker! I really need to get back into the swing of things and sort my routine out! I really must go because I need to get back to watch the last Big Brother. I'm actually quite sad because I loved the last season of BB! The Ultimate BB thing has been a bit of a fail but I don't care! So many classic BB moments over the past however many years!