Oh Topshop, You cruel mistress! Popped into Topshop on my lunch today and ended up buying this whopping £50 playsuit. Spur of the moment, just about to walk out, saw it and ran to the till. I think I'm in love with it. I love the boxy covered up shape and those little lacey sleeves! They get me every time! It also feeding my ever growing need to become Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family! To justify my purchase, As its super expensive even for me! I've decided because of this I'm going on a no-spend for the rest of the week! So if you see me tweeting I got something new, tell me off OK!

Started at New Look today too, It was really good. Very tiring and Im glad to be home now. Its gonna mean a massive change to my usual daily routine! I simply cannot fit gymming and blog posts into the days I'm working. My hours are 10-5:30 on Wednesday and Thursday and 12-6 on Saturdays. Plus the hours driving, Im not going to be getting home till about 6:30 on those weekdays. I'm thinking of scheduling posts for those two days, maybe doing an Ask LLYMLRS one day and then either a want post, or a how they wear one. Mainly because these dont need me to take photos of myself, and especially with the ever failing lighting (I cant imagine how I'm going to take outfit pics in the winter!) They would be easier for me to do it! Anyway, We shall see how it goes!

Apologies for the overall outfit being poorly styled, I couldn't be bothered seeing as I was loving the playsuit too much! This is hopefully going to be the last outfit with my old camera too! I got a delivery note today saying I'd missed the delivery! My Mums going to pick it up from the Post Office tomorrow. Ours is only open 6:30-12:30, How rubbish is that!?