If you've be reading LLYMLRS for a long time, you'd know what my all time favourite pair of shoes are. My leopard moccasins are seriously the favourite item that I own! I bought them for £2 in Primark about two years ago then I started wearing them non stop. I've worn them in the snow, rain, sun, wind I even wore them on the beach when I was in New Zealand! So much love, that they became a bit battered, and I was starting to lament the fact I was never going to get another pair of them. Other leopard shoes have come into my life, but none have captured my heart like those shoes. Despite their battered appearance, I cant bare to think about throwing the old ones away! Id stopped wearing them so much, but they

I couldn't believe my luck when someone on twitter, I'm so sorry I cant find your tweet, if its you please claim it and ill credit you, linked me to a pair of the beloved moccasins, they weren't my size so they went and found me some in my size! How chuffed was I!  I ended up bidding like £10 for it, But got them for a measly £4 including P&P! I bought them from this seller, and them came so beautifully packaged and quickly, It restored my faith in ebay after my 1000d issues! Look how grubby my old ones are compared to my brand new pair!

Anyway, The moral of this story is, Always buy backups of your favourite shoes, especially if they are very cheap and from Primark!

EDIT: Just a FYI  I 'shopped my feet, Because does anyone want to see my veiny feet? Um no! And anyway, gotta bring the feet fetish people in!