Someone on Formspring asked me about the bracelets I always wear, and I was talking to Christina and she was telling me about her bracelets that she wears daily too. I currently wear 6 different ones, Each has its own meaning to me and my past, I thought I'd share them with you! No they don't smell (that is a common question I'm asked!) and No I never take them off! I even had my festival bands on at my Dads wedding!

Reading Festival 2006+2007 wristbands: Yeap, I still have these on, 4 years and counting! Reading Festival 2006 was the first time I ever went to a festival, and it was amazing. I met so many amazing people and have such brilliant memories from it. From finding a trampoline with my friend Sara and then never finding it again, Hugging Carl Barat and petting his poorly arm and singing Bohemian Rhapsody with like 1000 people!

Freshers Fest 2008 Sheffield Hallam: From my short but well loved stint at Sheffield Hallam University. It makes me think of the city and the people I met their. Its a shame I left because I kinda regret it now, However its still memories!

Black beaded bracelet: Ivor gave me a bracelet like this on the first ever date we went on. Silly I know but it was kinda "our" relationship thing, When I was in New Zealand last year my baby brother, Zak, kept playing with it so I took it off to give it to him to play with, Of course because I'm so used to having it on my wrist I thought nothing of it until we got to a Motel and I hadn't got it. It had fallen out somewhere along the way and I was so upset I couldn't stop crying! However months later Ivor actually found me an indentical one and now I have it back!

Turkish Eye: They are supposed to protect you from bad spirits and that, So my mum bought me one when I was being troubled by really bad dreams and little bit of depression, Maybe it didn't really help but it does remind me that Im always protected from things and I shouldnt worry as much as I do!

Jesus Bracelet Thing: I'm really not sure what the correct name for this is but if you know please correct me! My mum bought me a wooden one when I firsted started being with Ivor, Ivors a right posh boy, well he went to private catholic school and my Mum thought I should get one too impress him! However that one broke eventually so my Step Dad bought me this plastic one in Turkey when we went a few weeks ago!

I'm always adding and taking away from the wrist, But those are the ones that really stick with me, Do you have anything you wear daily? Or something that means so much to you and holds all your memories? Let me know!

PS. Will get back to everyone regarding my new little project, If you follow me on Twitter you'd know already, I'm at Ivor's right now and hes bugging me to get off the laptop so we can watch a movie! Will be posting about it tomorrow or Friday as I've got a day off! Yayyy!